’s Reaction to Latest News

Celebrating the culture of Mexico as it’s represented around the world is our main focus, but every once in a while we look at recent news around the globe and decide it’s time to share our reaction.

The start of 2021 has been exciting so far, with interesting stone masonry projects, family time, holidays and the end of a crazy USA election. In Canada, we’ve had immense snow. Texas was out of power for 3 days. And a lot across the Atlantic Ocean has been going on.

When it comes to world news, it’s impossible to keep up to date with every little detail, so we rely on news broadcasting networks like CNN to tell us the truth. Lately, our biggest reaction to news has been us unable to trust news information. It’s sad because we’ve always been able to trust the news before, or at least that’s what we thought. With the divide in American schools of thought right now, it’s so easy to see how the media is lying to our faces.

That’s why will continue to stay alert. Check back for more interesting content as we celebrate Mexican culture one blog post at a time.