Masonry Winnipeg with Mexican Aztec Theme

In Winnipeg MB, Canada, there’s some exciting stuff going on when it comes to celebrating Mexican culture. In a quaint backyard, a kind man with big ambitions is building a miniature Aztec ruin. He’s hired a professional stone masonry company to do it, however, and they couldn’t be more pleased to assist in this fascinating project.

As you can see from the photos supplied here, the ancient Aztecs in Central Mexico had very unique architecture. Their stonework has lasted over hundreds of years to be impressive structures to this present day. We can only hope that our modern houses and buildings will last half as long. We’re truly impressed by the ancient Aztec stone masons, and now we can be impressed by their dearest students–a masonry Winnipeg company and their most recent project.

stone masonry

As introduced above, the miniature Aztec ruin being built in the backyard of one Winnipeg man by a local stone masonry company is a celebration of Mexican culture. The interesting thing is that the model will not be a replica of any real ruin but a creation using different aspects of Aztec stonework and brickwork.

In a previous post, we listed some of our favorite Mexican ruins to explore. Now you can explore them with a newfound appreciation for stone masonry. Seeing the structures alone is wonderful, but to think of how they stacked each stone on top of the other with their ancient technology is dumbfounding. The masonry experts in Winnipeg are finding a solution to that problem by simply building on a smaller scale using miniature bricks. When the project is finished the hope is that the ruins will blend in with the entire landscape of the backyard to make it look like an aerial photograph of ancient South America.

I’m truly amazed by this project and I can’t wait to see some pictures when it’s fully underway.