Coming Together as a People

It’s so inspiring and wonderful to see people from many different ethnic and geographic backgrounds coming together in peaceful ways. I love seeing the world get along and in fact it’s so easy to see everywhere I look that I find it extremely difficult to understand how anyone can be negative about the way the world is going. Of course, I guess the kind of people who see negativity everywhere are the same people who would complain about what I just said. Perhaps you find what I’m saying rather fake or simpleminded. The truth is that I know negativity exists in the world but I never take the time to observe it because for me the positive aspects of this day and age are overwhelmingly wonderful.

I feel sorry for the people who can’t come to terms with their neighbors because their thinking is too backwards. We got Trump-lovers picking on Mexicans and extreme left university students becoming terrorists. But forget that. I also see Mexicans forgiving Trump-lovers and smiling nonetheless. I see beautiful Mexican women and children living happily in white neighborhoods. I see Mexican widows marrying Americans and starting new healthy families. I see a people coming together and it’s so wonderful!

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