A Mexican Christmas (my way)

What’s my way of having a Mexican Christmas without being in Mexico? Keep reading to find out.

First of all, you need to have the heat in your home high enough so that you can walk around without a sweater on. By being in nothing but the types of clothes you’d wear on a beach, you can make the inside of your house a little more Mexican. Next, you should ditch the pine tree and replace it with a palm tree. I decorated a small palm tree with Christmas lights and it looks great. Another important thing is to have tacos and burritos instead of turkey or any other Christmas food. This is an obvious given but worth reminding, because you can’t have a Mexican themed Christmas without Mexican food!

Then, while you’re enjoying your hot temperatures and palm trees, you can begin to make miniature piƱatas out of paper mache. These are what you can use to decorate your tree. Also, if you have any Santa or elf statues or figurines, you should replace all their Christmas hats with sombreros.

Once all this is done, you can begin to go about the house and customize your decorations to your liking. The more Mexican stuff you add the better the results will be. Have fun with your planning and I hope it turns out great!