What We Do

What is this website all about?

Good question! This website is made by Americans and Canadians who wish they were Mexican because we love their culture so much! And so we designed this blog to be a means for people like us around the world, whether they’re in India, England, China or anywhere, to get an introductory view of Mexican culture. We have nothing negative to say about the Mexican way of life, and so here you will be able to see what all the craze and hype is about when it comes to vacations, tourism, fashion, domestic life and wildlife in Mexico. We ourselves have only been to Mexico a handful of times and do not have as broad of an understanding of daily life in Mexico as someone who permanently lives there, but e still know more than the average person, hence our ability to teach an an introductory level. Mexicans themselves may find fault in some of the things we say, as we’re not experts, and we would not be disappointment of this happened as our goal is to share the truth as much as we can. We often hear of stereotypes when it comes to Mexicans, and one of pour goals is to debunk many of the negative misconceptions that comes with the global perception of Mexico, and as Canadians and Americans we hear more of these stereotypes than we’d like to. So if you enjoy learning and exploring life in Mexico, stick around to learn more. Maybe one day we’ll live there together!