Mexican Culture in Appliance Repair Companies

I had my appliance repaired the other day and it was great to meet a fellow cultured Mexican lover who repaired my appliance with great skill.

I love Mexican culture as you’ll know from reading my blog. I’m not picky in most things but I prefer Mexican appliance repair mechanics because it means a lot to me to get the job done right the first time and I know from experience that I made the right choice.

It’s great to get a long with all cultures but we’re allowed to have our preference. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more informative posts about appliance repair and tow truck services.

Coming Together as a People

It’s so inspiring and wonderful to see people from many different ethnic and geographic backgrounds coming together in peaceful ways. I love seeing the world get along and in fact it’s so easy to see everywhere I look that I find it extremely difficult to understand how anyone can be negative about the way the world is going. Of course, I guess the kind of people who see negativity everywhere are the same people who would complain about what I just said. Perhaps you find what I’m saying rather fake or simpleminded. The truth is that I know negativity exists in the world but I never take the time to observe it because for me the positive aspects of this day and age are overwhelmingly wonderful.

I feel sorry for the people who can’t come to terms with their neighbors because their thinking is too backwards. We got Trump-lovers picking on Mexicans and extreme left university students becoming terrorists. But forget that. I also see Mexicans forgiving Trump-lovers and smiling nonetheless. I see beautiful Mexican women and children living happily in white neighborhoods. I see Mexican widows marrying Americans and starting new healthy families. I see a people coming together and it’s so wonderful!

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Taco Tuesdays – The Best Day of the Week!

How taco Tuesdays have become a popular phenomenon around North America one can only guess. Maybe it had something to do with TV advertising. The important thing now is to understand that TACO TUESDAYS ARE AWESOME!!!! However they came to be in existence, I’m so glad they did because there’s nothing better than sitting around the table with your family eating tacos. Making tacos at the table is like a buffet when you have so many different toppings to choose from. I make every taco a little different and I love it!

Ah, yes while writing this my mouth is drooling and I wish it was Tuesday. Maybe I’ll go drive to the store and get taco ingredients right now because I JUST NEED A TACO, BABY!

When was the last time you had a taco? It might be great for you to know that you don’t need to sit around with company in order to enjoy a taco Tuesday. Most of my taco Tuesdays are spent alone, as either I need to go to my parents’ place or they need to come to mine, and they don’t enjoy tacos as much as I do.

The fact that there is a day to celebrate tacos may be hilarious for some. For me it’s so cool because I’m obsessed with Mexican culture. I get to express my love for Mexican food in a way that’s accepted throughout America. If only I could wear a sombrero everyday without getting odd looks, I would! Tacos for me are the symbol for love!

But have you ever had a real taco made by a Mexican housewife in Mexico? They’re not the same as our partly pre-made wannabes. Real Mexican tacos are so much better. When the salsa is homemade, the tortillas are grilled and warm and the cheese is fresh and local–ah, need I say more?

So what are you doing this Tuesday? I hope I’m correct about your answer. Sometimes it’s okay to skip a taco Tuesday, especially when you have leftovers that are going to go bad soon. But if you skip taco Tuesdays for more than a year straight I’ll start to worry about you. Seriously, are you mentally insane? TACOS ARE SO GOOD!!!!

Sometimes I have tacos on Fridays, too, because it jumps starts my weekend. And if I have leftovers I’ll have tacos on Saturday, too. One week recently I had enough taco leftovers to have them for breakfast on Sunday morning! That’s how much Mexican food means to me. But it’s a shame I don’t enjoy more Mexican dishes. Tacos are popular for a good reason but there’re also a lot of other good Mexican dishes. I’ll have to make another post about rare Mexican dishes soon. Maybe I should make a Mexican food day for every day of the week. Perhaps Tequila Thursday? Nah, that’s a bad idea. I don’t handle tequila well, but it goes good with tacos!

You might find it funny and ironic that my grandma hates tacos. In fact she hates anything that has the potential to be spicy. Even if it isn’t spicy whatsoever, she’ll be scared to even try it. I think it’s because she got pranked by her own dad growing up. He gave her a jalapeno and said it was a pickle. How rude! I would’ve loved it, though. MMMMM, spicy food!

To conclude this blog post I want to leave you with a serious question. Indeed this might be the most important question anyone will ever ask you in the history of your life: What will you put on your tacos this Tuesday? Hmm?